MediaMedia and entertainment

Our experienced media and entertainment team has in-depth knowledge and experience of the film, TV and music sectors. We understand the various challenges facing creators, artists and small production companies, as well as those facing large broadcasting distributors, record companies and publishers. The team integrates with our well known digital and IT teams to keep abreast of the digital evolution of the media industry. We support our media clients daily in their legal and commercial considerations. Our advice is always practical, relevant and tailor-made. Let us help you realizing your visions!

We provide support from idea through production to distribution, including

  • License agreements regarding the rights to adapt novels into film,
  • Agreements for film production,
  • Agreements for music production
  • Distribution agreements,
  • Co-production agreements,
  • Cast and crew agreements,
  • Artist agreements,
  • Co-operation agreements, and
  • Strategy support for digital distribution.