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One year after the GDPR came into effect, the Swedish Data Protection Authority has published a national integrity report. The report presents statistics and the progress regarding personal integrity and data protection in Sweden, based on surveys conducted in the beginning of 2019 on behalf of the Authority.

The report describes how far companies and authorities have come in their work towards GDPR compliance. Only half of the DPO:s participating in the surveys state that their organizations work continuously and systematically with data protection issues. Companies within the banking, tech and health care industries are above average in their work towards data protection compliance.

As for individuals, the report shows that three out of four citizens are worried about how their personal data is used. According to the report, individuals do not have high regards for apps, social media and web search engines. Worth noting, eight out of ten citizens are aware of the data protection legislation and every sixth citizen has exercised its rights under the GDPR, such as the right to be forgotten.

Since the 25th of May 2018, the Swedish Data Protection Authority has received approximately 3000 complaints, of which camera surveillance and direct marketing are the most common categories.

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